About Me

lost amongst the starslights
Lost Amongst The Stars

Gemma Wood-Johnson is an Artist from Yorkshire, England working with the medium of Photography and specializes in Conceptual Portraits and Self Portraits.

Taking some of her inspiration from classic storytellers such as Brothers Grimm and Lewis Carroll, old English proverbs as well as old painting from the Romanticism movement, her work has brooding whimsical tones throughout.

Using symbolism, Human form, tones & textures, all of her images have their own meaning and their own visual story to tell. It is through her Self Portraits that Gemma expresses her thoughts and dreams, which, in turn makes her work fearlessly personal and self-reflecting.

Gemma strives to recreate the ethereal images and themes she holds in her mind to makes her own world come to life in a unique and painterly style.


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